Gender equality in European sports management is still a challenge. In order to help the feminisation of sport governance, we propose the creation of this Label around good practices to be created or reinforced. To find out more, click on the tab "Label" in the navigation main menu.


On gender equality in the leadership of sports organisations to develop a guide with the best practices and a baseline report

Charter of Commitment

Signed by sports organisations, in which obstacles, woman's expectations and proposals for reducing barriers will be listed

Gender Equality Label

To certify sport organisations that adopt exemplary systems and practices

Women’s equal access to leadership positions in the governance of the sport movement in Europe is far from being achieved. We wish to promote equal access for women to leadership positions, with the creation of a European label. Our project also respects the principles of inclusion and diversity sought by the erasmus+ programme and more specifically with the objective of encouraging integrity and values in sport by improving good governance. 

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Gender Equality Label

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This project is coordinated by the Comité Départemental Olympique et Sportif du Nord (France) with partners ASSIST - Associazione Nazionale Atlete (Italy), Sport Évolution Alliance (Portugal) and the National Olympic Committee of North Macedonia.

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